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I am sure you will have seen my previous post on the N:Rem Sleep Mattress which are unique in the way you can adjust the mattress which comes in is unlike conventional mattresses, the N:rem mattress provides the ability to tailor each side differently offering different levels of support wherever they’re needed. Simply unzip the N:rem’s cotton top cover and you’ll discover two sets of 5 variable density foam tablets.

I found it amazing and slept sooooooooo well with it, you can see lots more reviews on their website.

Each tablet can be taken out and re-arranged in a different position, which means you can have support where it is needed and softer comfort elsewhere. Additionally, each side of the mattress can be set up differently according to each partners preferences.
You can try the N:rem mattress for 100 nights in the comfort of your own home. This will give you the time to ensure you relax and get the perfect set-up to meet your needs. You can sleep on it and adjust the comfort and support up and down your body until it is just right for you, your partner can do the same on their side.
You can get £30 off your mattress by simply adding this code ‘BACKPAINBLOG’ at check out to get £30 off your order.

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