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Most back pain and fibromyalgia sufferers can go through a difficult episode once in a while. An episode that no matter what you take, medication wise and no matter what you try therapy wise, you still struggle with the pain.

The episode I am going through at the moment started before Christmas after a three week respite period from having some facet joint injections. I have tried lots of different types of injection therapy from trigger point to epidurals but this was my first try at facet joint injections.

It was explained to me that the pain relief could be for a matter of days, weeks or more but if I got good pain relief then this was good news as it proved that I some of the pain was obviously from arthritis in my facet joints. An MRI in July last year showed that I had a moderate prolapsed disc but it was not pressing on any nerves and some arthritis had shown up in the facet joints.

The pain free period was the best pain free time I have had in years and so when it came back like a ton of bricks it really knocked me for six. Previous injections had always helped a little and for longer but I had never been as pain free in my lumber spine before.

Since it came back with a vengeance it has slowly but surely just got worse and worse and is now causing me a lot of distress and discomfort. I have a telephone appointment with the pain team at the hospital where I get my injections done next Tuesday. I’m not really sure what they will suggest to help me at the moment as you can only have a certain amount of steroid in a year. I guess I can only hope for some good news.

I’m not one to wallow in my discomfort in fact to keep my mind off my pain I got cracking with another book I was writing which I have just sent through to Amazon to be published which meant I could tick off  one of my New Year resolutions. I love writing a New Year resolution list, I find it inspires me on a daily basis. My list is quite long, and so I will probably not get through them all, but I think it’s more achievable if you have quite a long list. Have you made a New Year resolution list ?

4 thoughts on “STRUGGLING…”

  1. You are, as usual, incredible. I know that won’t make you feel better, Bar, but I just love your positive attitude. Huge well-done on the book – you put so many of us to shame with your determination and persistence. xxx


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