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I know there is a lot of negative news about the NHS at the moment but after watching ‘Hospital’ on BBC 2 last night it shows you the pressure some of the hospitals are under and it’s certainly not the nursing staff’s fault that more and more people arrive in A&E. We simply need more hospitals or more wards for more beds.

Having said that I had a telephone appointment with my Pain consultant’s nurse on Tuesday as my back just keeps going out and has been really bad since Boxing Day. I explained what was happening and she said she would go and see my Pain consultant and get me booked in for some injections. Yesterday (Wednesday) less than 24 hours since I had the conversation with the nurse the hospital rang up to say that I had been put down as an ‘urgent’ referral and could I go in this afternoon at 3.30 for some injections and consultation with my consultant.

How can you possibly fault that? If, when I get there I am told it’s not possible today as there are no beds available or the consultant was needed for an emergency I will not even think about questioning the call. Where else in the world could you get the sort of service we have here in the UK. At the end of the day it is just simply stretched beyond it’s limits and we all have to pull together to deal with any situation that may arise instead of calling the NHS left, right and center.


If you didn’t watch ‘Hospital’ on BBC 2 last night it’s well worth watching on catch up or next week’s show.

OK rant over with now. Have a good day.

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