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Salcura began its life ten years ago in a laboratory: the home of research and innovation.

Dr Martin Schiele, a biomedical research scientist, conducted a study into the ways in which natural, ingredient-led, formulations could help problem skin conditions. The results he found were astounding, and he discovered the power that real, natural ingredients have in helping to calm and heal the skin.

Dr Schiele didn’t merely use the ‘essence’ of natural ingredients; he embraced them wholeheartedly. His passion for nature, combined with his strong scientific grounding, meant that he created formulations with a proven track record of results. His work formed the spirit of Salcura, and this spirit drives everything that Salcura does today.

Although my Back Pain Blog covers mainly chronic pain conditions, many people also suffer from chronic skin conditions. Sulcura approached me to see if I would be interested in trying some of their products. After looking through their website I said I would like to try their Topida Liquid Spray as I had been unable to get rid of some troublesome athletes foot on a foot which had been in plaster a couple of years ago after breaking a metatarsal.

I had made a few visits to my GP about it but she just told me to try foot powders and creams as she did not want to put me on medication because of everything I was already taking. I have over the last few years gone through lots of powders and creams but it never cleared up completely. After using the Topida Liquid Spray  3 times a day like it said, I saw a massive difference after just one week. I am now happy to say it has cleared it up completely.

Their products carry a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence and the Salcura website explains all about their products in great detail. They specialise in creating effective solutions for people suffering from problems like eczema, acne and psoriasis, but also like to create natural beauty products that just make you feel good about yourself and your skin.



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