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In one of my posts last week I had written about the programme I had seen called ‘Hospital’ on BBC 2 which had shown how operations were being cancelled due to the backlog of people filling up all the beds.

I did mention that after seeing that programme and my treatment was cancelled I would totally understand the reason for it as I felt so sorry for all the staff trying to make ends meet. I was due for some facet joint injections last Thursday, but as we were about to leave to go to the hospital my mobile phone went and it was the Hospital saying that the theatre had been double booked and so my injection was cancelled and the next appointment they could offer was two weeks away. Of course I just accepted that this could happen and just hope by the time my appointment comes up next week there is not another mix up.

Meanwhile as well as my lumber pain I have been suffering with a lot of pins and needles and pain in my right hand and up to my elbow. I immediately felt it was coming from my neck and was probably a knock on effect from my lumber being so bad but all my pain is left sided and this was my right hand.

It went worse so I decided to go and see my GP about it. She informed me that it was definitely not coming from my neck (phew) but was a trapped nerve in my elbow. It’s called an ‘Ulna Nerve Entrapment’, which she said is quite common and can be treated with anti-inflammatory cream three times a day and she booked to see me again in three weeks time unless it goes, in which case I will cancel the appointment.

This is the first time that I have truly felt what I could only call ‘frustrated’ with all my pain as I have always found solace in my writing and blogging but now find it very painful to even do that. I guess all I can hope is that it will settle sooner rather than later and that by this time next week I will be in a lot less pain not only in my lumber spine but also in my elbow and hand.

3 thoughts on “FRUSTRATED AND IN PAIN…”

  1. Sorry to hear about your increased pain and difficulty with writing. This has happened to me at times too and is so frustrating. I need something to make me feel like I have some purpose with my life and writing has helped me when many avenues have been taken away due to chronic pain. Good Luck


  2. So sorry to hear about your increased pain and difficulty with writing. It is so frustrating to live in chronic pain and then get extra pain things happening but it seems the nature of the beast. Good luck


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