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As many of my readers know I had my first facet joint injection last October to see if some of my lumber pain was arthritis in the facet joints. The injection was amazing and gave me three of the best weeks pain free time I have had in years. However when the pain came back it came back with a bang and from then on I was in a lot of pain most days.

Yesterday I went back for another facet joint injection as you are allowed them every four months. I explained to my consultant about how my back had been since the last injection and he said that because I also have a prolapsed disc in my lumber spine and degenerative changes that these episodes could happen more often.

I asked if there was anything I could do to stop this from happening but he said to just carry on as normal as anything could trigger it off. This time he gave me two facet joint injections and has booked me in for April for my next ones. If after three sessions of these I am still only finding that I am only pain free for a few weeks then there is a new laser technique that we could try.

After a restless sleep I woke up in no pain like I did when I had the last lot of injections and can now only hope that they last a bit longer this time. Have any of my readers had these injections? It would be interesting to hear from someone who has been through similar to write down their journey down this pain relief route.


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