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As my followers will know I had some more facet joint injections 10 days ago into my lumber spine. I’ve tried numerous types of lumber injections from trigger points to epidurals but I’ve never had the reaction I got from the facet joint injections. They made me feel completely pain free.

This is only my second lot of facet joint injections but the last one lasted 3 weeks and this time I had two instead of one so I was hoping it would last longer. However the pain free time was broken after just 10 days when my back went back into spasm.

After the injections I rested up for 24 hours, which was what they advised. Just being able to get dressed in a morning without pain was a bonus. I decided I would take no pain medication whatsoever but continue taking my muscle relaxants.

For the next 48 hours I had the most awful shakes which I had been warned could happen when you come off Tramadol.  What I could not believe was how clear my head felt, how much more in control of I felt. The fuzzy head which you also get with Fibromyalgia is doubled when you are on a high dose of Tramadol.

Apart from writing, which is my first passion, I also love to make hand made cards. I sell a few through my local post office but otherwise I just make to send to friends and family. But my husband has always been an avid fan (obviously) and has said on numerous occasions that I should open an online shop.

The pain free time inspired me to have a go at setting up a shop. My local post office asked me for some Valentine cards so I thought this would be an ideal time to get the cards on the market. I happily sat without any pain making lots of new cards and designs and felt confident I could get this launched and off the ground.

I felt well enough to walk more and my sleep was better waking up with a clearer head which is something I always appreciate when I am off the medication. I was on a roll and soon decided I would set up a shop on Etsy. It looked easy enough but I took my time putting it together as I really wanted it to work.

By my 7th pain free day I had made a number of cards, taken great pictures of them and had started to build my online shop. I was in heaven. Life was just peachy and nature soon helps you to forget about the sort of pain you had been in before. I was starting to have a few twinges in my cervical spine but I put that down to all the card making and the fact that I had two disc’s fused in my neck does put a bit of pressure on the disc below it. However I could sit with a heat pad around my neck which soon soothed the pain away.

On day 8 I was starting to feel some pain in both my hips but I put that down to the fact that I had been sitting for a long time making the cards and just took a couple of paracetamol for it. By day 9 I was feeling a few more twinges and realised that my pain free time was limited but I felt elated about my online shop and what I had achieved in such a short space of time.

On day 10 I woke up without pain and had a few more cards to photograph. As I put the cards in a position to take the photos of them my back went. I completely froze as the pain when it goes into spasm is so bad that you are frightened of moving at all. I went straight for my heat pad and decided to lie on the settee to rest it and keep it warm as I have always found heat a great healer.

By the afternoon I knew it was well and truly in spasm and that I could not attempt to take any more photos or make any more cards, at lease for the time being. By the following morning I was in such pain I went back onto the Tramadol and struggled to even get dressed again. I spent most of yesterday just keeping it warm and resting in the hope the spasm would ease. I didn’t even look on my new site once as I felt so flat after being so high about it all.

Today is a new day and the pain is more under control but that is with the help of my pain medication.  I have decided I need to start looking at how to adjust certain areas in my house so that I can continue with my cards and my writing. My pain free time made me realise that this is how my life is going to be from now on as there is no more surgery they can do for my back.

Pain free time will always be something I will treasure, but trying to plan around it can be hard to say the least. Just keeping my eye on any new products/drugs to help ease pain will always be at the top of my list and writing is something I can manage without being in pain.


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