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Hot or cold for pain relief that is the question? Well for me personally it has to be heat without a question of a doubt. For years I have been using an electric heat pad for my lumber pain and have always used a wheat bag in for my neck but never one as good as the horseshoe one above.

Pain Relief Cushions  sell exactly what it says on the tin, ‘pain relief cushions’ in different shapes and sizes designed to suit all parts of the body. They contain wheat and lavender and are made in a cotton velvet bag.

Used hot, the cushion radiates long-lasting heat that helps ease cramps, arthritis and joint stiffness. One of my weak spots after two cervical surgeries is my neck and shoulders and so the horseshoe cushion looked a perfect choice. It really works and has helped alleviate my shoulder pain lots.

To heat you just pop it into your microwave for the desired time which is sewn into the label on your cushion or to freeze it you just pop it inside the freezer bag which comes with the cushion and place in the freezer for 3 – 4 hours.

At the end of the day it’s pain relief without the drugs and the smell from the lavender makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. An accessory which I think is worth every penny. Find out more from Pain Relief Cushions website,


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