There are a number of speakers at the 2017 Back Pain Show which I will cover over the next few months.

Gavin Bradley is founder and managing director of Active Working®, which operates “Get Standing®” campaigns in Great Britain, Australia, USA and Canada to drive awareness and interest in the health risks connected with sedentary working of office workers.

As the major international thought leader and pioneer, Gavin commissioned the first global expert recommendations on standing / light activity time for office workers (with support from Public Health England) published by the British Journal for Sports Medicine in June 2015.  These guidelines serve as a benchmark and continue to receive mass media interest globally.

Gavin set up Active Working® in order to provide an integrated and evidence based approach to breaking-up and reducing sedentary behaviour amongst office workers. The core objective of Active Working is to deliver best practice necessary for measurable improvements in workplace wellness, employee engagement and individual productivity.

Don’t forget registration to this event is FREE – just simply register online, where you can also find out details of all the talks at the show.


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