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Fibromyalgia pain comes in different formats. You could have related pain that causes you to ache all over. You may have painful ‘trigger points’ on certain places on your body. You may suffer allodynia which is a fibro pain that is caused by a simple touch.  You may experience pain stiffness when you’ve been in the same position for a long time.  You can get pain from paresthesia (pins and needles).  You may suffer from hyperalgesia which is when you are extremely sensitive to pain.

You may experience pain feeling like an ache, a burning sensation or a sharp, stabbing pain. The pain is likely to be continuous or it may be better or more severe at different times. It can be felt throughout the body but is worse in particular areas, such as your back and neck. One particular website VeryWell describes the writers own personal types of pain which include ‘ Knife in the Voodoo Doll, Radomly Roving Pain, Sparkler Burns, Rattled Nerves.

It doesn’t really matter which type of Fibro pain you suffer from as long as you know that it is part of a condition you have and not a single problem. Research has show that 20% of fibro sufferers report that their partners do not believe that fibro is real, so it’s no wonder that some patients are still having problems getting a proper diagnosis. Knowing a bit more about the condition will not only help you but will also help the individual you are seeing to put a name to your condition.

Raising more awareness of Fibromyalgia is something I am very passionate about and I write regular posts on this subject. One thing you should always remember is to ‘Never, ever give up’. Fibromyalgia can be treated with drugs and alternative therapies and there are support groups out there if you need them.  If you have a problem in your home you will nearly always seek out a few trades people for their knowledge on your problem, you can do exactly the same with your health related problems. If you are not happy with what one gp or specialist has said then seek another opinion from someone else. Maybe look online for specialist’s that are recommended in that type of condition.

Getting your life back into balance when you suffer from chronic pain is something that will not happen over night but over time with the right treatment, drugs, and help you can get in control of your pain rather than your pain being in control of you. As I wrote in a previous post I find writing my blog very therapeutic and I also find making hand made cards very therapeutic. I seem to suffer with more pain after making my cards but if I pace myself and keep having breaks then I can enjoy making them.

I have recently opened a shop on Etsy with my cards and have made some especially for Firbo sufferers to send to either other Firbo sufferers or to just help raise awareness of the condition.  I am always happy to help anyone with starting a blog or making cards just message me and I will get back in touch with you.

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