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Chamomile tea, the chamomile tea will soothe the muscles and calm your mind. I have a mug every night before I go to sleep.

Epsom salts are said to reduce swelling like those on the back which cause backache. You can add it to your bath, make sure you follow the instructions as to how much you should add.

If you haven’t got a rice bag to heat up in the microwave then make your own. Just fill a cup of uncooked rice into a clean and thick sock and warm it on medium to low heat in the microwave for 30-60 seconds.

Ice packs or cold compresses are another natural remedy, it can be applied to the affected area almost immediately. It numbs the pain and reduces inflammation. This works wonders for many people, for me personally I just can’t stand the cold.

Ginger has anti inflammation properties which helps relieve pain as well. Slice the ginger root into pieces of 1-2 inch and add this to a quart of boiling water or use ginger in your cooking.

Milk is beneficial for your bones and women should include milk in their diet as it is an essential source of calcium. Calcium makes the bones stronger helping you prevent osteoporosis.

Hot compresses or heat pads that you can lie on will all help pain.

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