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According to an article on the Pro Health website, which was originally published on NationalPainReport.commisdiagnosis in fibromyalgia is rampant.

Dr. David Brady explained that his message based on the research and years of expertise, it is incredibly likely that you actually ‘DON’T’ have the condition and not the other way around. According to at least one research study, up to two-thirds of us may have been misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Pro Health say ‘how it that possible? The fibromyalgia diagnosis criteria are so general that lots of people have been labeled with fibromyalgia when they actually have other conditions. What that means is that millions of us who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia may not be receiving the correct treatment and we may even be living with treatable conditions’.

The rampant misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia is one of the focuses of Dr. Brady’s new book, The Fibro Fix. You can read the interview of the writer of this article at Pro Health, Donna Gregory Burch which she warns is long but well worth a read. In the interview, they discuss why fibromyalgia is so prone to over-diagnosis and identify some of the most common conditions mislabeled as fibromyalgia.

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