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Back in January I wrote how I had been suffering from pins and needles in my right pinky finger and second finger and my GP had said she thought it was probably a trapped Ulnar Nerve.

A trapped Ulnar Nerve is caused when the surrounding tunnel between the forearm muscles becomes too tight. The ulnar nerve goes round the back of the inner side of your elbow (sometimes called your funny bone). It then goes through a tight tunnel between the forearm muscles. If the tunnel becomes too tight it can cause pressure on the nerve, usually resulting in numbness in your ring and little fingers – called cubital tunnel syndrome.

I was told to apply anti inflammatory gel twice a day and if it was no better in four weeks to go back and see my GP. During the four week period I also had my lumber spinal injections so my pain consultant suggested I go straight to see his Physiotherapist as she could treat me conservatively with massage and exercises. At my second visit to the Physiotherapist it was obvious that it was very bad and she felt that I should go back to my pain consultant to talk about some pain relief. It has now reached the stage where I cannot drive, cannot use the computer upstairs as I cannot work the mouse without pain and the pain during the night is waking me up regularly.

I booked a telephone conversation with my pain consultants nurse yesterday and she pointed out that firstly it was a new problem so I would have to see my pain consultant first and secondly that because I am having regular steroid injections in my lumber spine it would mean that I am not allowed some in my arm. I was given an arm splint which I am using all the time as it’s my right hand which is always doing one thing or another.

I then decided that I would research this problem to see if there was anything I could do in the meantime to help it heal and it is apparently a very very common compalint. Resting the arm with the trapped nerve is obvious but not being able to write and go onto the internet on my laptop would be heartbreaking for me so I am just trying to pace myself a little. I also noticed that when I put this condition into google that quite a few came up with ‘Fibromyalgia’ in the description so I looked further into the problem and low and behold it is quite a common complaint for people who are suffering from Fibro.

The trouble is that the nerve actually comes from your neck and so the nurse I spoke to yesterday said the consultant would definitely want to check out my neck first which of course has had two previous surgeries to it and has another prolapsed disc under the previous fusion. I can now see that the chances are this new problem is related to all my spinal and Fibro problems and I will just have to try and be patient until I know the outcome of it all.


  1. I am in exactly the same position. Some days I can not drive. Whilst using a spanner I am tightening a nut and bolt and bang as if I have been shot in the arm or like something has snapped inside leaving me reeling on the floor in so much pain that I am unable to get to my feet for at least ten minutes.


  2. Read your post and my jaw hit the floor. I just had the same lumbar injections because of lower back pain and Dr has recommended surgery on my left elbow for trapped nerve. I have systemic lupus and fibromyalgia and was diagnosed in 2007. The pain has been very hard to coup with lately. Can you please share what has or hasn’t helped you since this post? Did you have surgery? Many thanks!!!


    1. Hi Andrea, Sorry to hear you are suffering with ulna nerve entrapment. Since then I had the surgery which was very quick and the recovery amazing and ALL the pain in my elbow gone. As far as I am concerned it was a great success and is now one less pain to deal with. Hope you get it sorted soon it’s very tiring as it keeps you awake at night as I am sure you are finding. Take care.


  3. I had to buy a steering ball for my steering wheel. As you know, using any movement in the involving the nerve is screaming painful. So now I can turn my wheel easier. I also have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis damage in my hands and wrists, so I had trouble with turning the wheel prior to the nerve.


    1. Hi Jill, I had never heard of a steering ball for the wheel. What a brilliant idea. I am left with pins and needles and it’s in my right arm/hand so there is no getting away from it but that awful pain has gone. Hope you do not suffer too much.


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