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Some more details on this years exhibitors at The Back Pain Show at St. Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham on Friday 19 – Saturday 20 May 2017.

A box of ingenious tools which releases and relieves tension in muscles to restore them to their healthy state is just one of the latest products which will be on show at The Back Pain Show 2017 this May.

The recently launched Bakpro product is coming on to the market at a time when there is much talk of back pain in adults and children alike online and in the press.

It is designed for anyone suffering with back, neck, pelvic pain or headaches, particularly for anyone who sits at a desk or laptop all day. It is also for the sporty gym types and even children carrying bags or using computers and gaming devices.

 The Bakpro tool set has been formulated by leading osteopath Nick Potter, who has been in hospital spinal medicine for 25 years, and is his recipe of all of his evidence-based top tips and techniques to release the spine and painful tissues.

 It’s a boxset of tools to release the soft tissues which link to exercises on high resolution video.  The exercises are broken down into body-part specific groups and users can do it as a full programme or just work on key areas.

 For full details, go to www.bakpro.com

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