I have blogged before about how I need my afternoon nap to get through my day, and I can honestly say that I just cannot manage my pain as well without it.

I spent a lot of time getting my sleep sanctuary into a room where I knew I could go to and immediately relax and fall asleep be it in the day or night.

If you can leave stress and other problems outside the bedroom then you are already half way there to having a relaxing room to go to.

Always keep it just for sleeping and relaxing in and not for working in. Read a good book and don’t look who’s on facebook or check your latest emails.

I keep mine completely clutter free to avoid my mind wandering onto something else.

If at all possible have blinds or black out curtains put up so that you can make the room more tranquil and sleep inviting.

Keep your favourite calming music to hand so that if you are struggling to go to sleep you can play them.

Invest in a good pillow, v cushion, mattress and electric heat pad. I use my heat pad every afternoon (even in the summer) on low to just help relax my neck and back. I never use it at night as I find I gets too hot but during the day I sleep under the throw and not actually under the quilt.

Paint your room in calming colours, pastels work perfectly.

Use some lavender oil in a burner or plug in as it has calming effects on your body.




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