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According to an article in ‘Arthritis Today‘, recent studies corroborate the use of aromatherapy for pain relief.

Aromatherapy is a combination of two words “aroma” which means smell or fragrance, and ‘therapy” which means a treatment for the body, mind, or social condition of a person, to assist a process where healing and change can take place.

Apparently “Aromatherapy is effective because it works directly on the amygdala, the brain’s emotional center,” Mehmet Oz, MD, professor of surgery at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City stated. “This has important consequences because the thinking part of the brain can’t inhibit the effects of the scent, meaning you feel them instantaneously”.

It is a method of healing using very concentrated essential oils that are often highly aromatic and are extracted from plants. Alan Hirsch, MD, neurologist at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, believes you don’t have to limit yourself to essential oils. Limiting the length of your exposure to certain scents, however, will ensure they remain effective. “Short-term exposure is key because people stop responding to scents after a few minutes.

The International Federation of Aromatherapists are the first and largest governing body in Clinical and Holistic Aromatherapy. They have experience and experts and offer excellence in Aromatherapy and the Science of Essential Oils. They have pioneered and safeguarded standards of practice of Aromatherpy since 1985 and introduced aromatherpy into the NHS Hospitals, Hospices and Care Professions. They have a list of IFA therapists from around the world to help you find an approved therapist.

The UK Aromatherapy Website have been through several metamorphoses over the last 6 years, and have even established themselves as the regulatory body for aromatherapy, but due to changes in the needs of regulation they have now reverted back to being the Lead or Governing Body for the UK aromatherapy profession and not the payday loan industry.

Regulation and registration of Complementary Therapists in the UK is voluntary self-regulation. This means that an aromatherapist can still practice and not have to be Registered with one of the federal bodies as it is their personal choice. To ensure that these aromatherapists are not disadvantaged in any way, they have set up a way of checking qualifications on their education page. An aromatherapist who holds a recognised qualification and is a full member of one of the associations within the Aromatherapy Council is permitted to state that they are AC Recognised.

The International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) is the Professional Body for Aromatherapists. The IFA were the first established Governing Body in Clinical and Holistic Aromatherapy in 1985. Their Charities purpose is the preservation of health and wellbeing by advancing the knowledge, practice of and expertise in Aromatherapy by education, teaching and training.

On a personal note I do find that aromatherapy massage helps with pain relief be it only for a short period of time. Some say that it’s a placebo effect but I do genuinely feel in less pain and more calm. Let’s put it this way, if I could afford a massage on a weekly basis I would have it booked in a second but once a month is a help to me for the time being.

A great site with lots of lovely aromatherapy products is Aromatherapy Associates  who are based in Regent Street, London. They cover every product available to do with the aromatherapy oils as well as a very useful Aromatherapy Guide. They have won this years CEW Beauty Awards Finalist in 8 categories.

CEW is known for its Beauty Awards, where cosmetic, fragrance, skin care, hair care and body care products of various categories are judged for quality and innovation by CEW’s members. After a selection of finalist products is announced, the final winning products (and companies) are honoured at a gala event. Many influential cosmetic executives, journalists, and celebrities attend this event, and a CEW Beauty Award is widely recognised as the most prestigious honour a company can receive for its products.






  1. Aromatherapy really helped me overcome my back pain. Not only have I have recovered from back pain I also feel much more relieved and my stress levels have gone down. Thanks to the poster 🙂


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