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We all know how shoes can affect our lumber spine and other parts of our back but people with back problems need to be extremely careful with the type of shoes they wear. Footwear can have a much bigger effect on back health than many people realize. This is especially true for people who must stand for long periods of time on a regular basis, but even a short amount of time in the wrong shoes can cause stress and pain to your vertebrae and the soft tissues that support them. In fact walking the wrong way can actually lead to conditions like sciatica, bulging discs, disc pain and other degenerative spine disorders.

Joya shoes have come up with a type of shoe which can solve all those problems. The positive effect of a soft, springy surface on the locomotive system has been put to good use by physiotherapist for a long time now and is a highly topical subject in the fields of prevention/rehabilitation. The Joya brand has developed a shoe which makes use of this principle. The soft, supple material of the patented Joya sole means the load on the sole of your feet is ideally distributed as you walk and stand instead of being concentrated only on certain spots.

When your heal strikes the soft Joya sole, your foot makes ‘micro-movements’ which can help to activate the muscles around the joints in the feet, hips and back. The soft polyurethane sole provides and effective cushioning, which can help to take the pressure of your backbone and lighten the load on your spinal discs. You can find lots more about Joya shoes on their site and all the styles available.

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