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I have had a number of appointments this week with regards to my ulnar nerve decompression surgery next week. One appointment I had was with my pain consultant for a chat about my facet joint injections which are booked in for the end of the month. My consultant wanted to know how I had got on with the two he gave me last time to decide if this was how we were going to proceed this time and I was delighted to tell him how successful they had been.

However, when I told him about my ulnar nerve decompression surgery next week he advised me to cancel the facet joint injections for at least another six weeks after my decompression surgery. It was something to do with the reaction from surgery and the use of the steroid injection etc.

I also went for my pre-op appointment today for the usual bloods and a chat on what to expect before and after the surgery I am having next week. The staff were very pleasant and sympathetic and I explained my main problem being my spine and so I am having a nerve block with sedation so that I will be more comfortable. The last thing I want to do is feel the need to move myself when the surgeon is dealing with a nerve.

I am not feeling anxious about the surgery, I just want to get it sorted now and get on the road to recovery, in fact the delay in my spinal injections is bothering me more than the surgery but you have to be guided by the professionals on this. I am disappointed that I am unable to go to the Back Pain Show in Birmingham this year but unfortunately it’s a couple of days after my surgery so out of the questions.

I hope it won’t be long before I am back blogging regularly like I do at the moment but I realise that using only my left hand will make it a much longer process so my posts maybe a bit shorter than normal.



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