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On Thursday I had my ulnar nerve release without transposition. I arrived at 7am as requested and was surprised to find my consultant ready and waiting to start the surgery. My anesthetist saw me first and was a really lovely gentleman who explained that I would have a block which he would give me under my armpit using an ultrasound machine, and I would also have a sedation so that I would be comfortable throughout.

My Orthopaedic consultant then went through my nerve conduction tests which showed I had a trapped ulnar nerve but also some carpel tunnel problems. He said we would chat about the carpel tunnel when I next saw him and then went into detail about what to expect after surgery.

Before you could say ‘Jack Robinson’, I was being taken down to the anesthetic room where my anesthetist said he would soon have me comfy and asked if I would like a bit of champagne to get me nice and relaxed. ‘I’d love some’, I said, and was soon feeling the benefits of this lovely relaxant. The block put into my armpit was easy and I was soon wheeled into the operating theatre to be met by my consultant ready for the procedure. I was already feeling nice and relaxed and my second dose of champagne ( brilliant name for it) was given to me and off I went into the land of nod.

The next thing I remember is being in recovery and the nurse who was looking after me talking non stop about blogging. I guess he must have asked me what I did and when I said I was a blogger then the flood gates opened. I do hope I gave him the right advice as I cannot remember much of what I said. I was soon back on the day ward and after a visit from the physiotherapist soon back home. How amazing is that?

I was told the dead arm (it literally was) which was being held in a sling would feel like that for at least 4 hours or longer and to be ready to take some pain medication before it wore off. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep but I had been told by the physiotherapist that I had to sleep upright for the first night so I knew my sleep would be pretty uncomfortable.

My sleep for the next 48 hours was pretty horrendous – sleeping sitting up is bad enough but with my neck and lumber back problems it made it much harder to get comfortable at all. I am allowed to take my sling off tonight to sleep so I can’t wait for that and I have tried to not sleep much today so I can sleep better tonight.

The wound is very sore today and discomfort where the block went in is making some of my exercises a tad more difficult to do but I am behaving myself and doing as they told me and being totally pampered by my wonderful husband. What I did in life to deserve such a caring husband I have not idea but I will be forever grateful.



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