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I read an article that if you are having a bad day and feeling a bit desperate then try writing a letter to yourself and relieve all your tension, so here is my letter to myself –

Dear Health,

I know I should be grateful for how lucky I am in comparison to other sick people but today I’m having a bad day and I just want to let you know how I feel.

To start with, it’s ok for you, you know that it will get easier when my body adjusts, but meanwhile I’m suffering big time.

I know all the tricks in the book to take my mind of how I am feeling today, but today they just don’t seem to be working so some help from you would be much appreciated.

I’ve taken the pills, done the exercises, rested up like they said but someone has decided to stir things up a bit by aggravating my back which is preventing me from getting comfortable.

I’m going for my rest and will put on my tape to help send my mind to a much nicer place, on a beach somewhere in the sun. But while I am having a rest will you please help me kick in some pain killing endorphins to help me along the way.

In advance, many thanks, your suffering partner.


Not sure yet if it has made me feel much better but it is nice to write everything down instead of it continually going around in your head so maybe give this a go and see if it helps make your day a bit easier.

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