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According to this week’s Daily Mail Good Health section there is a new type of injection which contains a chemical that our body releases during strenuous exercise which could help treat chronic back pain.

Researchers are injecting lactic acid, which causes the painful burning sensation in our muscles, into discs in the spine.

The theory is that lactic acid plumps up the damaged disc to make it stiffer, which means nerves are less likely to get trapped and cause pain.

This job isn’t always easy

The new injection is designed to stiffen the disc in order to prevent future degeneration. It is known as STA-363, and is given as a single jab into the damaged disc which will then hopefully trigger the production of more connective tissue and collagen, to make the disc stiff but strong.

That, says the developer Stayble Therapeutics will make the disc more stable and won’t compress any nerves as they are no longer able to grow into the repaired disc.

In a new study at the Stockholm Spine Center in Sweden, 15 patients will be given one of three doses of the lactic acid jab, or a placebo.

Watch this space for more information on this as the new studies go ahead.

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