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BackerNation is a digital therapeutic platform for back pain and spine issues. You can learn from their growing library of articles and videos. Receive daily smart recommendations. Gain the knowledge you need to survive and thrive.

Connect with peers. Share experiences. Gain inspiration and motivation. Support is always available and a couple clicks away.

You can even interact with health care professionals via telehealth to receive the guidance you need to continue your path of wellness.

BackerNation was born of out frustration, out of necessity and believing there is a better way than the status quo. They hate back pain. And they don’t believe there is a comprehensive digital solution out there for people with back pain.

One customer wrote ” Finally a place for back pain sufferers to get support and receive the tools they need to increase their quality of life. Can’t wait to use it every day. Great idea!!!!”

It’s launching soon so put your name on their email list to hear all about the launch and connect.

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