1. My first choice has to be A Way With Pain – I was first introduced to this site back in 2013 after seeing an article on Julia Kelly a chronic pain sufferer, and founder of the charity A Way With Pain . In her Father’s words about Julia’s chronic pain,” Whilst the levels of pain and financial pressures have not changed, her positivity, self- confidence, and self- esteem are slowly returning. Julia says her old life has gone and this is my life now and “I just want to help others” hence the driving force behind a way with pain.” The objectives of A Way With Pain are “The relief of sickness and the promotion of good health by the provision of advice and support to those suffering Chronic Pain.” The website has a ‘Your Story’ section ( which includes my story) A Dr’s Corner, Young People in Pain, Chronic Pain and news about their fund raising events and a Forum. Sadly Julia, the inspiration behind the Charity, lost Her battle with Chronic Pain and passed away on the 2nd November 2014, aged 39. However her Father continues working and supporting the charity as ” This Is Julia’s legacy to which She gave all She could give. Together we have built a strong foundation towards helping people with Chronic Pain, and raising much needed awareness.” 
  2. My second choice is Pain Support which was the first forum I wrote in for help with my back pain problems. The Pain Support website was founded by Jan Sadler in 2000. Jan has lived with the challenges of back pain and sciatica for many years and so understands the experience of living with chronic pain. She lives in the UK where she has been working with people in pain since 1990. Jan was awarded an MBE in 2012 for her work with PainSupport and her services to pain management.Jan is a teacher and the author of books and CDs including ‘Pain Relief Without Drugs’, which is packed with self-help techniques for reducing pain and stress. Her innovative ideas and imaginative techniques have a proven track record over many years.The PainSupport website is recommended by many NHS hospital-based Pain Management Programmes and Pain Clinics. The website has a Forum and a Contact Club where you can contact others in the same situation for mutual support and friendship. It also has a shop where you can buy Jan Sadler’s CD’s and books.
  3. 3. My third choice is Pain Concern  whose mission to help, support and inform those who live with pain and healthcare professionals. By producing good quality information they believe they can make a real difference to the lives of people with pain. All of the information in their radio programmes, displayed on their website, in their magazine and information leaflets is designed to be accessible, helpful and reliable for people living with pain and healthcare professionals. They have a radio show ‘Airing Pain‘ which featuring interviews with experts and those managing their pain. They have a booklet to help people understand and manage their pain, and a helpline and self management videos. Pain Concern also have a Magazine with news, features and opinion for people living with pain – now digital too! They also have a Forum where you can join the conversation with other members of the Pain Concern community.


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