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Is it safe to say that the increase in pain you get with fibromyalgia is bound to have an effect on your immune system? Well the jury is still out on this question.

If you take a look at some answers on the internet from Pro Health who say that ‘While fibromyalgia does not “cause” an impaired immune system, it’s clear to see how they relate to each other. The same factors that create an impaired immune system can also open the door to health challenges such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune concerns, and chronic disease’.

Chronic Body Pain say that experts believe ‘ we don’t know for sure if fibromyalgia directly affects our immune system. We do know for certain that there is an inaccuracy in the way the adrenal gland is connect to a person suffering with fibromyalgia’.

And Fibromyalgia Treating say that ‘Fibromyalgia shares most of its symptoms with autoimmune disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. However, researchers do not yet agree on a definite cause for fibromyalgia and therefore it is unknown if it’s an immune system disorder.

What we do know is that a fibromyalgia flare is more likely to occur at times when your immune system is already run down. It is unknown whether the weakened immune system is the cause of the fibro flare or is just occurring at the same time, but ultimately the goal in either case is prevention.’

So, what is the true answer to the question on whether fibromyalgia affects the immune system. Well, personally I think it does. I agree with Fibromyalgia Treating that a flare up is more likely to occur at times when your immune system is already run down, but doesn’t that mean the same thing?

This year I have suffered with multiple fibro flare ups and needed surgery on my elbow and extra medication for my lumber pain but I have just been poorly with what I thought was a virus which is going around at the moment. I completely lost my voice (laryngitis) and the chemist explained to me it can take up to three weeks to clear but that it was a virus and so you do not need to go and see your GP just drink plenty of fluids, suck on throat lozenges and gargle with salt water.

As the week went on I just felt worse and soon had pain in my ear and my throat was on fire as well as an eye infection so I decided to go and see my GP. She told me over the phone it was probably a virus but to make sure it had not turned into an infection I needed to pop down and see her.

She then found that not only did I have a chest infection but I also had a throat, ear and eye infection and inflamed glands. I was put on a gambit of medication and antibiotics to take with my usual gambit of medication. So you can’t tell me that fibro does not affect your immune system as my symptoms this year have all come from my fibromyalgia.

Do you find that fibromyalgia affects your immune system?



  1. I do think that being run down makes it more likely we get tipped into fibro. Also, I think that prolonged stress has a lot to do with it too, plus insomnia-related exhaustion.


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