I’m sure many of you back pain sufferers are similar to me when staying away from home. The mattress that you sleep on can either make or break your holiday. For me personally, to hard and then I am as stiff as a board, to soft and my back wakes me up with every move I make.

I have written a few posts on mattress toppers as they are so important to back pain and fibromyalgia sufferers and I use an egg shell mattress topper and also the N:rem Sleep System but neither are suitable to take with me on my travels.

That was until I came across the Raskelf Duvalay, which specialise in mattress toppers for travel and caravans. The mattress roll up easily to store and the company won the MMM Product of the Year in 2009 for their revolutionary memory foam sleeping bag!!

The Raskelf Portable mattress toppers are available in a 1″ or 2″ thickness and come in Single, Double and Bespoke sizes. The 1″ overlays are made from 65kg/m visco elastic memory foam specially formulated to work when cut thinly. The 2″ overlays are made in three quality ranges, Bronze Economy, Silver Comfort and Gold Luxury.

They are all supplied with a luxurious inner stretch fabric cover and elasticated straps that keep the mattress nearly rolled for storage. A must for any back pain sufferer.

The innovative and award winning Raskelf Duvalay sleeping bags have been around for a few years now, and were made famous on TVs Dragons Den when Hilary Devey was so impressed with the products that she invested in the company.

The Duvalay sleep system combines optimum sleeping comfort with incredible ease of use. This clever product consists of a bottom pocket with memory foam (available in 3 different thicknesses) and the top pocket houses a conventional duvet (available in 2 different thicknesses). Simply unroll Your Duvalay sleeping bag to use; making your bed takes just a few seconds.

Duvalay memory foam sleeping bags are specially designed for use in your motorhome, motorcaravan, truck, boat etc. Most caravan and campervan beds are at best a compromise, often being designed primarily as daytime seats with sleeping as an afterthought, and a collection of cushions pushed together is never going to make a truly comfortable mattress. The Duvalay memory foam evens out these joins, taking your camping comfort to a whole new level.

Another benefit of the Duvalay sleeping bag is that because the memory foam and duvet are attached all down one edge, you can’t suffer either from the duvet falling off during the night, or from it moving and causing a cold spot against the wall. But unlike a conventional sleeping bag, because the Duvalay is only attached on one edge, you can kick your legs out during the night if you wish.


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