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Did you know that in ancient civilizations it was recorded treatments used for pain were pressure, heat, water and sun.

In 1664 the French philosopher Rene Descartas described what to this day is called “pain pathways”. He illustrated how fire in contact with your foot would travel to the brain and he compared pain sensation to the ringing of a bell !!!!!

In the 19th Century science paved the way for advances in pain therapy with the use of opium, morphine, codeine and cocaine. These drugs led to the development of asprin, still used today for pain. In a study, around 500 patients were given either surgery or non-surgery treatment and the researchers found no difference in the outcome in both groups and at follow ups both showed a reduction in their pain levels.

According to BBC Health the Black Mamba snake, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, contains pain-relieving compounds called mambalgins which could be a better painkiller than morphine, but without most of the side effects.

Another site Red Orbit, states that having chronic pain can damage your brain over time because of constant brain activity in areas of the brain that should normally be at rest.

Some of the earlisest named Doctors were women.

Do women feel more pain ? Well, Any man who has watched a woman having a baby without using drugs would swear that women could tolerate anything. But the truth is, guys, it hurts more than you can imagine. Women have more nerve receptors than men. As an example, women have 34 nerve fibers per square centimeter of facial skin, whereas men average just 17. And in a 2005 study, women were found to report more pain throughout their lifetimes and, compared with men, they feel pain in more areas of the body and for longer durations.

Yes, you really can have a high or low pain threshold as everyone perceives pain differently, and a multitude of factors play a role.

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