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Stitchlinks is the home for therapeutic knitting since 2005, it is a pioneering an exciting approach to healthcare which could have global implications and a massive, positive impact on your well-being. It is at the core of groundbreaking research, and a movement which utilises crafts, in particular, knitting, to improve well-being.

There is a great book Knit for Health and Wellness : How to knit a flexible Mind & Body, by Betsan Corkhill and thanks to her hard work scientists, clinicians and psychologists around the world are realising and accepting the health benefits of knitting. The book is available to purchase from Amazon and the website Knit for Health & Wellness.

Betsan Corkhill (a physiotherapist) and founder of Stitchlinks is so convinced of it that she has set up a knitting group in the Chronic Pain Unit at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

Experts feel that there’s a neurochemical effect on the brain which undoubtedly changes brain chemistry for the better, possibly by decreasing stress hormones and increasing feel-good serotonin and dopamine, while knitting.  They say that knitting has many health benefits including reducing stress and anxiety and alleviating depression and some pain.



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