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The Fibro Blogger Directory is a directory of people who blog about Fibromyalgia. Set up by Fibro sufferer Lee Good who says ‘Blogging is a powerful tool and by connecting we can be a stronger voice’.

The aim of the directory is to –

  • Connect fibro bloggers
  • Help raise awareness of Fibromyalgia
  • Provide information to the world wide web and other media about fibro bloggers
  • Offer Directory members support

They promote your sites on Tumblr which has an image from your blog and a link back to your blog for Tumblr visitors to see.
They also promote on Twitter where you can instantly connect to what’s happening in fibro land, as well as follow friends, experts, and get breaking news on fibro and chronic pain.

They have a busy Facebook page which features different bloggers daily.

Fibro Friday is a chance for you to join and help spread Fibromyalgia Awareness. Fibro Friday is a weekly link up by and for people with Fibromyalgia — A place to share and help others understand more about fibromyalgia.

There is also a store where you can buy Fibro books on Amazon 

Head down and join the list of Fibro bloggers and make some great friends in the process. Lee Good works extremely hard to help raise awareness of Fibromyalgia and to connect other fibro sufferers to join the community.














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