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JOURNAL THERAPY  is a new therapy which is said to be the cheapest kind of therapy you can have.

All you need is some paper or a notebook and something to write with.

Personally, I use a pencil as I find this easier to write with than a pen.

Things you could write about are:

• Write it daily or weekly and write how your day went and what the next few days hold for you.

• List the best things that have happened that week/day/month or year in your life.

• Describe the worst thing that has ever happened to you.

• Write your own prayer.

• Describe a special moment.

• Write your own mantra.

• Write a dialogue with another person, or describe an event, a part of your body, or a famous person.

• Make a list of your activities, your stresses, your fears, your hopes. What makes you sad/happy and/or your favourite people.

• Write what you have enjoyed watching on the television.

• Write about the weather.

Keeping it as something that you do ‘when you feel like it’, as opposed to ‘must be written’ will, in the end, make it a much nicer experience. It’s also nice to look back over and read a few years on. On a personal note, I find blogging my therapy. Even on my worst days I can find a comfortable position with my laptop and go to another place away from my pain.

A great book on the therapy (and there are many) is  ‘The Write Therapy: How Keeping A Journal Can Make You Happier, Healthier and More Productive’, by Lyn Alderson.



  1. I started a gratitude journal last year that I use to write what I am thankful for, great quotes, and general doodles. I feel expressing gratitude and maintaining a positive attitude goes a long way in how we are feeling. Also, keeping a journal of what we were doing/eating/feeling when we have a flare up might else help determine triggers to avoid. Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. Thanks for the comment photobaugh, you have inspired me to also keep a journal of what we were doing as not only would it help with a flare up but it’s so nice to see what you did. I wrote two 5 year diaries when I was at school but haven’t written once since until now. Have a lovely day 🙂


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