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Press the two points located on the inside of the leg, just below the knee and above the calf muscles, on the side of the shin. Hold your thumbs or fingers against these points for at least a minute.


Use your thumb and index finger of one hand, or the index and middle finger on both hands and to press both sides of the back of the neck, near the spine, about two fingers widths down from the base of the skull. Press these points for a minute, release then press again for a minute.


Press the right thumb at the center of the palm-side of your wrists, in the bend where the arm joins the hand. Press and hold for at least a minute. Repeat with the left thumb on the right wrist. If the pain is in one wrist only, press the point on the affected wrist.


Press the fingers of the right hand to the center of the forearms, above three finger widths up (toward the elbow) from the bend where the wrist and hand join. Press for at least a minute then repeat with the left fingers on the right arm.


With your thumb and index finger, hold the center of the webbing in your hand between the thumb and index finger, on your left hand and apply pressure for at least a minute. Switch hands and repeat. Another way is to place the pads of your fingertips on the sides of your forehead, then move them in small circular motions clockwise or anticlockwise. Using a drop of lavender oil on your hands before massaging can enhance this treatment. Finish with slow strokes across your forehead, from the centre to your ears, keeping the pressure gentle.


Hold your thumb and index finger or two middle fingers, whichever is easier against two points located on the back of the neck, on either side of the spine, at the base of the skull. Apply pressure for at least a minute.


Hold your index finger to the point located between the eyebrows where the nose and brow join, in the spot sometimes referred to as the ‘third eye’. Apply pressure for at least a minute.


Lean on elbow and forearm on a table, then use your other hand to reach across your chest and massage the fleshy area of your back above the shoulder blades. Use deep kneading movements to relieve pressure. You could also knead your shoulders in a hot shower using the shower gel with lavender or a wooden rolling ball (you can buy these in the body shop). Heated lavender heat packs across your shoulders also help.


Desperate for pain relief before you get to the dentist then place one hand palm down on a table, then ‘caterpillar crawl’ with your other hand (using the pads of your first and middle fingers to walk with baby steps down each finger and the thumb from the tip to the base (these acupoints relate to the teeth and gums). Swap hands and repeat. You can also do this on your toes, resting one foot on your opposite knee.



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