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It’s World Arthritis Day tomorrow 12th October, 2017.

This year’s theme for World Arthritis Day is ‘It’s in your hands, take action’.

Their aim is to raise awareness of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) and to encourage people with RMDs, their carers, families and the general public to seize every opportunity to take action and make a difference to the quality of life of people with RMDs.

Take part by getting involved in the #WADHigh5 social media campaign, or by organising RMD awareness-raising activities, such as High 5 dance flash mobs, discussion groups or even leaflet distribution.

For information on past campaigns, please see the photo albums on their Facebook Page.

Get involved as an individual

They want to get as many people as possible High 5ing for World Arthritis Day and sharing #WADHigh5 messages to raise awareness of RMDs!

Share a #WADHigh5 with these 4 steps:

  1. STEP 1
    Write a name on your hand – the name of the person(s) you are High 5ing for World Arthritis Day.
  2. STEP 2
    Take a photo of your hand in a High 5 pose.
  3. STEP 3
    Write a message to accompany your photo: tell people why you are sharing a High 5 for World Arthritis Day with a clear and concise message of support or call to action in the text accompanying your photo.
  4. STEP 4
    Post your photo on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #WADHigh5. Don’t forget to tag or @mention the person you are High 5ing.

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