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A bit of a long title but it’s interesting to know if I am not alone in feeling that I am letting people down when I cannot make a special event because I am going through a really bad patch?

This year has been a particularly bad one for me with not only my fibromyalgia and chronic back pain problems, but also new complaints which have required treatment.  Back in April, I had to have surgery for a trapped nerve in my elbow which prevented me from driving for a while so I was unable to get over to my Dads as often as I would have liked.

Then during the summer I had problems with my left foot with another trapped nerve which they treated with a steroid injection and also a torn tendon in my it it which again was treated with an injection.

I also had a severe chest infection and laryngitis which lasted for nearly six weeks and it took 3 lots of antibiotics to clear it. During those months I seemed to have let people down left right and centre as I just did not feel well enough to go out.

I was desperate for a holiday and I felt sure a couple of weeks in the sun would help to replenish my draining health.

Unfortunately my holiday was ruined with an abscess in my gum and tooth which had to have emergency treatment on it and I was then put on yet another very strong antibiotic.

By the time we got home I did feel as though I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and was hopeful that my next holiday to visit my son and his wife in NewYork would go ahead without any problems. We decided a while ago that a good route for me would be to cruise to New York and then fly back. We even paid a little extra for more leg room and comfort for the long flight home.

On our first night in New York my back went out badly and sitting down was the hardest part of all. I decided I would not let it ruin this very special trip and took as much medication as possible to cope with the pain and literally just kept going.

I got through the days with my son and his wife with gritted teeth and managed to enjoy every second with them but by the time we eventually got home after the long flight and long drive I knew my back was going to give me even more grief.

I also knew that I needed to be fit enough to attend a very special aunt’s funeral a couple of days after I got back but due to the severity of my back pain I realised I just couldn’t make it and yet again had to let down a member of my family.

I am sure I am not alone when I say that many chronic pain sufferers carry on as best they can and try to not let family and friends down but sometimes it is unavoidable but unfortunately it doesnt make you feel any better when you know you have let someone down.

Do you feel the same when you are in a real mess with your pain? And how do your friends and family react when you have to cancel last minute?


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