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DRUGSTARS ‘ Giving by Taking’,  hopes to become the largest patient movement in the world. A movement of patients who give to others just by taking their meds as prescribed. A movement of patients who share their experiences and perspectives with regard to their medicines, so that this knowledge can be used to improve treatments. The ambition is to make you proud of taking your meds the right way – a real DrugStar.

All you have to do is register the meds you take, and, by taking your meds as prescribed by your doctor, you will be awarded stars. You can also earn stars by reviewing your meds, by signing up for trials or by referring other patients to join DrugStars. You can then donate your stars to a patient organization of your choice. Also, by making a donation of 50 stars to a patient organization, you qualify for a health voucher of your choice in their app, which you can use either online or in a real shop.

Healthcare companies convert stars to money as part of their corporate social responsibility campaigns. DrugStars.com is managing the contributions to match specific diseases or just all types of DrugStars users. Based in the USA and Denmark, the DrugStars team have many years of combined international experience in research, development and communication around medical treatment. They are fully committed to data privacy and protection and to making sure insights are applied to benefit our users and the wider patient community. It was founded by Claus Møldrup, who holds a PhD in pharmacy and previously worked as a professor of social pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen. The DrugStars app was launched in Denmark in January 2017. It is now in the United States and the United Kingdom and is available for Apple and Android.

The free app is easy to download then simply wait for your email as confirmation then start adding your meds to your personal list. If your medication does not come up with the correct milligram then just list the medication your take. Every time you take your medication click on the ‘pill’ link and if you review your drug then take a picture of the medication to ensure your review is real.

For me personally, I just love that it gives to charity but I have not got involved with the push notifications as I feel I have enough messages coming through on my phone. I am very good at taking my meds so it’s easy for me to just press the link when I am done. It’s a great idea and I look forward to collecting enough stars to help a charity out. I will write another review when I reach that stage.




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