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‘Healing’ has become a popular means of alternative treatment. The scientific theory behind this is that patient’s brainwaves are stimulated during the treatment, which can then help the healing process to start.

Some healers believe ‘they’ have been given some sort of power to help speed up the body’s natural process of healing. They say it is completely safe for people of any age or state of health.

It is used for many conditions, in particular for stress and for muscoskeletal disorders and chronic illnesses. It doesn’t always work but the patient usually finds that their ability to cope with their problems improves.

Many healers only require one session but usually a number of sessions are required. The UK Confederation of Healing Organisations has everything you will want, to know about the art of healing, and one of its aims is to ensure that the long-established practice of healing becomes increasingly accepted by mainstream medicine across the UK. They say that ‘Healing is different things to different people.  Something as complicated as a surgical procedure can be seen as giving healing as can something as simple as a parent comforting their child.  We feel and give out healing energy throughout our everyday lives, e.g. when listening to our friends’ life challenges or when tending to our animals or working in our gardens.  These are positive energetic connections that make us feel good too’.

The CHO is the leading charity advancing the practice of Healing: promoting its benefits as a recognised complementary therapy by providing education, research and information to a wider audience of Healing and healthcare practitioners and society as a whole.

A great book on the subject is The Healing Code : 6 minutes to heal the source of your health , success or relationship issue by Alex Lloyd and Ben Johnson.

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