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With the advent of technology we can easily look up what our health problem is, and nine times out of ten Google can find you an answer. However is that the correct way to understand your health problem?

What about forums and discussion groups which are also readily available online. When I tapped in forums and support groups for back pain the first one that popped up was Spine Health which seemed to have both a discussion board and a forum. However, on a closer look at the link, their discussion group is the same as their forum. This also applied to a number of other sites on back pain including Health Boards and Pain Doctor but neither of these two were as up to date as Spine Health. They say that ‘Since our forum members are an international group, there’s always someone around. If you’re online at 3 a.m., your question about sciatica pain or a running injury may come from half a world away,’  so picking a forum that is up to date is essential if you are using it as a way of finding something out about your pain.

Forums are a great way of getting emotional support, a place where you can share your situation and story, a place where people who are suffering from the same condition as you understand how you feel and a place where you can ask questions about your condition and find out the treatments that are available for it.

Google told me it had About 7,350,000 results so trying to go through that amount would take some time. I guess the way we used to find out by reading a book on the subject is just as good but not as personal as a forum or discussion group. Personally, I do think that if you find the correct group or forum it can really help you understand your problem and is a great way of connecting with people from all over the world who suffer from the same condition as you.




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