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Since having my health review by the nurse at my local surgery last November I have been trying to lose some weight. It’s quite hard for me to lose it as I do so little exercise except for walking which on a bad day is something I cannot do. However since November and including Christmas, I have lost half a stone, whoop 🙂 but now it’s static.

I have tried all the usual slimming clubs and probably tried every diet known to man but deep down I know that it’s just what goes into your mouth that causes weight gain.

I lost weight a few years ago with my nurses help at my local surgery and found that better than attending any slimming class as you can’t really give a genuine reason for not losing or putting weight on when it’s obvious that it’s because you have overindulged.

This morning I had to visit my local surgery and had decided to ask the nurse if she would take me back on board and help me lose some more weight. Unfortunately, the funding for this has now stopped but she said there is an online diet you can follow. For me personally, it was the fact that I was being weighed in by the nurse that spurred me on to lose the weight so I was a bit disappointed when she said they no longer did this.

Anyway, I came home and went online to look for the diet and was pleasantly surprised with all that it offers. You first need to go to Free NHS Weight Loss Plan and register with your email address and then you need to enter your details into the BMI healthy weight calculator which will tell you the range of weight you should be and the number of calories you should be consuming daily.

Their new 12 week weight loss guide combines advice on healthier eating and physical activity, which you can download or use the app. You get a brilliant information pack for each week of the plan, which is full of advice and tips, plus a brilliant stick-it-on-the-fridge planner to help you track your weekly progress. It has a weekly food and activity chart which you can fill in and there is also an online community you can join to help you along the way.

The website has a calorie counter where you can just enter what you are eating and it will work out the calories for you. There is an Easy Meals app which gives you meal ideas, meal mixers, your favourites and a shopping list. It basically has everything to help you lose weight and is all FREE. I’m going to give it a go and hope that without someone checking on me I can still lose some more weight.


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