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Sometimes, someone may suffer serious back pain and they begin to seek medical help. Just the way there are many different causes and different levels of severity of the pain, similarly there are also different ways of getting help. Anything that affects the back or exerts pressure on the spine may cause back pain. Back […]

via When to Consider Spine Surgery — Spine Surgery


  1. Obviously getting to the ROOT CAUSES of mechanical abnormalities offers a better functional long term solution. I wanted to ask your opinion on stem cell research and the potential application to minimize invasive complications while maximizing functional capacity.


    1. I’m no expert as I am sure you can see from my blog but had stem cell research been available over 2 decades ago I might not be in the mess I am in now. How amazing would that be if it could minimize invasive complications while maximizing function capacity.

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      1. Initially I thought you were a health professional. So many of us write on the same topics you discuss. I wish you well overcoming many of the conditions your share with your readers.


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