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The Unbroken Smile is a website where chronic pain conditions unite worldwide. They say “we didn’t choose this life, unfortunately, it chose us. Chronic Pain effects over 100 million people each year, regardless of our age, race, gender, or religion.”

Their site was designed to bring sufferers together regardless of what condition they may have been diagnosed with. They all hold this connection of pain and it’s unlikely it will go away until there are cures. They are there to inspire each other, tell stories, share arts, share advice, and lean on one another. Also, getting some much-needed tips and ideas along the way of how to cope and live each day in Chronic Pain.

This journey doesn’t have to be a sad story, it can be used to inspire others to keep going. “We know when you’re in pain the last thing you think about is smiling, but smiling is so good for you and it gives you a sense of control. Because one of the hardest parts of being in pain is we don’t have any control..not even of our own bodies.”

By just signing up for their newsletter you will get a FREE ebook on ‘How to cook in Pain, using your crockpot’. Their ‘Lifestyle’ section includes ‘Teen & Young Adult, Men in Pain, Relationships, The Care Takers World and Fashion in Pain’.

It also covers nutrition and chronic pain and cooking and meal planning in pain. It also has lots of chronic pain tips, parenting in pain and parenting with a child in pain.

The entertainment section has some poems about chronic pain, pain stories and inspirational stories. You could spend hours on The Unbroken Smile site and relate to so much of it but will also come away with some tips you had not thought of before.



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