Deprived Sleep...

1. Rest, rest and more rest, every little helps to recharge your batteries. When you feel that overwhelming urge to sleep try and get forty winks.

2.  Don’t be frightened to ask for help, be it with the shopping, cooking or cleaning. As most sufferers tend to ‘look fine’ most people do not realise the pain they are suffering inside, so if you don’t ask you won’t get help.

3.  ‘Fibro Fog’ is a common ailment of Fibromyalgia so rather than getting frustrated that your short-term memory has let you down, try and get into the habit of jotting things down on paper on a daily basis.

4.  Exercise, as in low-intensity exercise like walking, or warm water exercise is great for helping the pain of Fibromyalgia. This type of exercise can decrease pain and stiffness.

5.  Have a long soak in a warm bath or hot tub as this has been proven to relax tense muscles which will then reduce pain.

6.  Try to use decaf as caffeine can increase anxiety and insomnia, so watch your intake of chocolate, coffee, teas and some soft drinks.

7.  Also, try and make some ‘me time’ for yourself every day as part of your treatment.

8.  Keep all your ‘helpful’ pain relievers on hand, be it a hot water bottle, pillow, cushion or whatever you have that helps your pain.


9.  Make your work life balance work for you. If work is leaving you exhausted and in pain then design a flexible plan that works better for you and your boss. Maybe try some products like a telephone headset or keyboard tray.

10. If work is leaving you exhausted and in pain, then design a flexible plan that works for you and your boss. Ask about working from home part-time, or setting your hours for earlier or later in the day so you can be more productive, during this busy time.

11. At the office, rearrange your workspace for comfort and easy accessibility. A telephone headset, keyboard tray, or other products may help put less stress on your body.

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12. Talk about your Fibromyalgia with your family and those around you. Let them know what can trigger it or make it worse. Never be afraid to ask for help from either your friends, family or other Fibro sufferers or a counsellor.

13. Many people call Fibro the ‘invisible illness’, as you can look fine but feel awful. So, when arranging your social life be prepared to say ‘no’ to something if you know it will be too much for you.


14. Try and keep a journal so that you can see what can trigger off an attack, then you can do something about it.

15. Join a support group, be it in person or online, they offer a place to talk to others who share your problems.

16. If you suffer from pain in your hands and fingers and struggle to hold your pen then try sliding an old foam roller (with the centre taken out) onto your pen.

17. You can also use this same method for a cutting knife in your kitchen.

18. If you are struggling to stand in your kitchen to do simple cooking tats then invest in an office chair with wheels to slide across the floor.

19. Instead of standing struggling to wash the dishes up fill your sink up with very hot water and drop a dishwasher tablet in then add the dirty dishes. Go back a little later and all you will need to do is rinse your dishes under the water and they will be beautifully clean.

20. If you are struggling to get in and out of the bath, then try putting a towel on the edge of the bath to make it easy to swivel in and out.

21. According to the US National Fibromyalgia Association 78% of Fibro patients get pain relief on a ‘Cuddle Ewe‘ under quilt wool mattress toppers.


22. Don’t try to always put on a happy face. Your loved ones need to know what makes your symptoms worse.

23. Tomorrow is another day and with Fibromyalgia tomorrow can be a more comfortable day, so try to not think negative when you are having a bad day.

24. Join the Fibro Blogger Directory to find other sufferers who blog about Fibromyalgia. I am a member of this directory which also helps raise awareness of Fibromyalgia.



25. Ignore comments like –

We all get more aches and pains as we get older, I think I have that, too – I’m always tired/
Maybe you just need a job or hobby to take your mind off the pain.
My GP says Fibromyalgia isn’t a real disease.
If you got more sleep, you’d feel better.
You look too well to be sick.
I read about a new cure for Fibromyalgia.
At least it’s not life-threatening.
You just need to exercise more.
It’s all in your head.
You don’t look sick.

26. Treat yourself to a subscription of UKFM Magazine to read inspirational stories and the latest news and treatments for Fibromyalgia.






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