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As most of my readers will know I have an Etsy Store with my handmade cards on them. I find making cards like writing, very therapeutic. I have just added a shop page to this blog with the cards on which will link to my Etsy Store ( should you be interested in any).

I also enjoy knitting, writing, and making handmade gifts for my friends and family. Out of all my hobbies writing gives me the least pain as I can sit with my laptop at the correct angle that will not irritate my neck or back but I have to pace myself when making my cards. I would never stop making them just because I am in pain, I fight my pain day in day out but I enjoy using my hands and just make sure I rest up after having a productive hour or two.

Of course, there are lots and lots of hobbies you can do to help with your pain. I find it takes my mind off my pain to another place where my artistic juices start working.

I wrote a post on this back in 2012 and have added some more ideas to the original list. The list I have put together does include many things that you can do on a laptop or ipad but I would love some feedback as to whether these type of hobbies help take you away from your pain, be it just for a short time.

1. Comping
2.Get a penpal
4. Photography
5. Writing
6. Card Making
7. Art with Mosaics
8. Antiques
9. Scrapbooking
10.Jewellery Making
11.Learn a new language
14.Book group
16. Webpals

22.Genealogy & Family History
24.Cross Stitch
26.Stamp Collector
30.Surfing the Internet
31.Home Study Courses

What are the hobbies that help you while in pain? I would like to add them to my list as I would quite like to research and write on this subject in more detail.

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