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Cranio-Sacral Therapy is an exceptionally gentle yet extremely powerful form of treatment, which engages with the deepest inherent healing forces within the body in order to enable integration of the whole body-mind.

The human body has a powerful inherent healing potential, but this potential can be compromised or depleted by injury, disease, trauma and stress. The forces of nature, both within and outside the body, have a natural tendency to reintegrate and restore healthy function. Quantum science demonstrates that this potential arises from the electromagnetic and other forces which pervade the whole universe, which are the basis of physics, chemistry and biology, which permeate all living beings, our environment and the whole matrix within which we exist, and which are responsible for generating life, growth, health and healing. These forces are expressed in the body as rhythmic mot

Craniosacral therapy is an alternative medicine therapy, which is an exceptionally gentle yet extremely powerful form of treatment, used by many therapists. It is non-invasive and focuses on restoring our body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. It was developed from the work of an American Osteopath, Dr William Sutherland in the early 1990’s. It can be used for several conditions including neck and back pain as well as Fibromyalgia.

This type of treatment can be very effective in treating back problems as its aim is to let your body treat itself, until you can feel the pain go away and feel relaxed. Patients are usually asked to lie down fully-clothed on a treatment couch. A craniosacral therapist will then place their hands lightly on various areas of your body, which allows them to tune into what they call the ‘craniosacral rhythm’. They then gently work with the spine and skull and its cranial sutures, diaphragms and fascia, which should then help ease restrictions in nerve passages.

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The first thing you will notice is a deep sense of relaxation which you should feel throughout the treatment and will last throughout the session. As it is such a gentle therapy, it is suitable for babies, children and the elderly. They say everyone can benefit from craniosacral therapy including babies as it focuses on restoring our body’s natural self-healing mechanisms, which then encourages the body to re-establish its own good health. Treatment can aid almost any condition, raising vitality and improving the body’s capacity for self repair.

The College of Cranial Sacral Therapy explain what their treatment involves “Cranio-Sacral treatment is most often carried out with the patient lying down, fully clothed, in a quiet and peaceful environment. Treatment involves a very gentle touch of the practitioner’s hands. This light contact may be taken up on the Cranium (head) the Sacrum (tail-bone) the feet, the trunk, or any other part of the body as appropriate. Treatment is generally experienced as a profound relaxation and reintegration which may pervade the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally, often accompanied by a feeling of lightness and ease.”

Their website is an excellent place to read up on the treatment then you can find more information from Cranial Sacral Therapy Association, which gives you lots of information on the treatment and links to therapists in your area.


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