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Project Calm is a relatively newish magazine which is well worth reading. Just the cover photo makes you feel calm before you embark on reading it.

Discover mindfulness through making with Project Calm, a beautiful magazine filled with quality writing, inspiring photography and original projects to make.

Bring the joys of mindfulness and making into your life with this beautiful magazine which is packed with creative projects & ideas, gorgeous photography and insightful features.

Discover how a treasured book about nature changed one writer’s life.  Learn some yoga poses from the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga and gain some tips for more mindful living within the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can join the Calm Moment by signing up to their newsletter which they say will give you a little mindful inspiration and downtime from your busy life? It will provide you with fun, inspiring reads to immerse you in goodness from head-to-toe along with simple, stylish creative projects you’ll want to show and display.

A perfect magazine to take you away from your pain and escape to another world.

Editor Lara Watson says: “‘Seeing a situation with fresh eyes brings new solutions to old problems.’ It’s such solid wisdom that we decided to put the notion to the test this issue from a few angles: physically climbing up high (whether it’s in the wilds or a city skyscraper); learning new ways to notice and appreciate more of what’s around us (with a notebook or a camera; playing with scale (with paper townhouses to make and dolls’ houses to marvel); and working with others (by finding a writing partner or fostering empathy).

“The viewpoints of our contributing writers, illustrators and photographers this issue offer plenty to meditate on.”




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