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Have a glass of semi-skimmed milk with 2 teaspoons of honey before you got to bed for a natural goodnight’s sleep. Our immune system also works harder during sleep to fight and prevent illness.

Take Melatonin which is a hormone that plays a key part in regulating your natural body-clock. Studies have shown that melatonin improves sleep quality, particularly in the elderly.

Hypnotherapy is another one which is supposed to help – obviously, it’s self-hypnosis which you might find some tricks on that on the internet otherwise you would need to book an appointment with a Hypnotherapist to take you through it.

Take Valerian as it is thought to have a sedative effect. Studies have shown that the root of the valerian makes getting to sleep easier and increases a deeper sleep.

Relaxation therapy which is where you (the patient) focuses on relaxing different muscle groups.

Don’t go to bed early as this can create negative associations with being in bed that turn a short bout of poor sleep into chronic insomnia.

Sounds silly but they suggest you put your Pj’s on as doing this can make a big difference to your routine and mindset on how you wind down.

Take a warm bath with Lavender oils.

Eat more leeks and onions or garlic and artichokes as they contain prebiotic fibres that fuel the healthy bacteria in our gut and can have a profound effect on our health and sleep.

Fill a hot water bottle about half an hour before you go to bed and do this regularly so a routine helps you to unwind.

If you have to pop to the loo in the night then install a red light (or a battery operated red candle) in your bathroom as it can make it easier to fall back to sleep.

Make sure you have the right mattress. There are lots of companies who let you try before you buy so give some a trial run and see if a different mattress helps with your sleep. A huge £100 off (for February)the Nrem Mattress* using the code BACKPAINBLOG100 

Listen to music, relaxation music not head banging stuff.

Sort out your bedroom. I made mine my sanctuary and redesigned it completely a couple of years ago. I had some Venetian blinds fitted in a dark wood colour so that I could make the room dark at any time of the day or early evening. I changed my curtains from a busy floral pattern to a plain cream colour.

I changed the wattage of my lights to as low as I could have them, but still be able to read. I changed the light shades to compliment the curtains in a plain colour. 

I bought a small electric heat pad to warm the bed up on a cold night or cold afternoon. I filled the bed with lots of cushions as well as a v-shaped cushion.  I made sure that my bedside clock had a dark background rather than a bright luminous one. I bought a radio/ cd and put it next to my side of the bed so if I’m having trouble going off to sleep or wake up in pain and need help going back to sleep again, then I can simply press the play button, pop my earphones in without even disturbing my husband.

I have a lavender spray which I spray on my pillow just before I go to bed. The room temperature is very important to me. I actually have no heat on in the bedroom as I prefer to snuggle down under the duvet. 


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