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Back Pain is a big societal issue, costing £1.6 billion total healthcare costs per year. It’s the 2nd most common reason for sickness related time off work, (stress being No1): with over 4.8 million sick days annually and 80% of the adult population in the UK suffer from back pain at some stage in their lives. Back pain is debilitating both physically and emotionally.

A recent survey of 2056 people by BackPainHelp has revealed that some seemingly easy everyday tasks become impossible for those suffering. It seems that back pain not only impacts on our physical health, but also affects our emotional wellbeing and our relationships. You may ask… “Can I still play football?” “Will back pain stop me from doing my garden work?” these are the general questions people tend to ask when back pain becomes a reality. Here are the findings from the survey conducted:-

Top 5 effects of back pain:-

  1. Driving – 14% said back pain made driving difficult! Back pain whilst driving can be a real struggle, with long trips away, hours waiting in traffic, it’s no surprise the back is worse off with long extended periods of sitting. Check out these tips to alleviate back pain
  2. Housework –26% of people struggle with housework because of the debilitating effects of back pain. The physical stresses that housework puts your body under inevitably puts too much pressure on the spine causing stress on the back muscles.
  3. Working or Studying – Working or studying became difficult for 22% of sufferers
  4. Poor mental health – 24% admitted to suffering poor mental and emotional health
  5. Short tempered and snappy – while 35% confessed to back pain making them short tempered and snappy.


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