You might struggle to pinpoint the cause of your back pain, but it’s often the result of many different factors in your lifestyle. That’s why you should aim to make changes to your daily routine if you want to alleviate your back problems. In this article, we’re going to talk about positive changes you could make to your lifestyle in order to reduce your back pain. We’re also going to talk about negative habits you could stop. Here are three lifestyle changes that could help to alleviate your back pain.




One of the best ways to alleviate back pain is to start exercising more. You might scoff at that idea because the idea of exercise might make you wince in itself. Yes, working out your body can be tiring, but that doesn’t mean it leads to increased pain. Exercising properly can help to keep your muscles working properly and reduce any pain you might be experiencing. It’s all about keeping your body moving. You should try out exercises designed to alleviate lower back pain. The “bottom to heels” stretch is a great place to start. Kneel on all fours and slowly move your bottom back towards your heels. This could help to stretch out your muscles and reduce any pain you might be experiencing in your back. The point is that you should exercise more frequently if you want your body to feel better.


Many physical problems can stem from a bad night’s sleep. After all, rest is crucial to the physical and mental health as a whole. You need to sleep well in order for your body to recover properly after a long day. Sleep deprivation doesn’t just lead to tiredness and a lack of concentration; it can lead to poor health on numerous levels. You might find that your back problems alleviate if you start sleeping better. Of course, it’s not just about getting a good 8 hours of rest every night – it’s about improving the quality of your sleep too. You might want to look into a back pain mattress that has been specifically designed to help alleviate problems with your back. You can do a lot more to reduce back pain if you improve the way your body is supported whilst you sleep. Your bed has a big impact on your body.


One final lifestyle change you could make to alleviate your back pain is to avoid bad habits which put stress on that area of your body. For example, your bad posture could be the cause of your pain. If you slouch in your chair whilst you work at the office then you should try working on your posture. Perhaps you could get yourself an ergonomic chair that supports your body. The same goes for driving a car. It’s a negative cycle because extended sitting is only more painful if your back already hurts. You need to address aspects of your lifestyle that might be aggravating your back problems.




  1. Hello Kathleen great read and I am featuring in this morning’s edition of #chronicillnessVOICE to help raise awareness.

    Wishing you wellness – Carole Sian aka fibrofly73


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