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A recent article in Fibromyalgia Treating says that a blood test that was developed by  Australian researchers called “painHS” can identify color changes in immune cells affected by pain. The blood test for chronic pain instantly informs doctors administering the test to the severity of their patient’s pain.

PainHS was developed by a team of researchers led by neuroscientists Professor Mark Hutchinson will present the findings at a meeting of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. This is the same team that came up with the “painSEQ” and “painCELL” blood tests. While those tests were accurate, they take a couple of days to produce results. The “painHS” test is instantaneous, which is a huge advantage.

Professor Hutchinson explains that “We’ve now discovered that we can use the natural colour of biology to predict the severity of pain. What we’ve found is that persistent chronic pain has a different natural colour in immune cells than in a situation where there isn’t persistent pain.”

The hope is that the test will lead to new and better treatments for people with chronic pain, and it will also be useful for patients who are unable to report their pain, such as babies or people with dementia who have lost the ability to speak. It can also revolutionize the treatment of animals. “Animals can’t tell us if they’re in pain but here we have a Dr Doolittle type test that enables us to ‘talk’ to the animals so we can find out if they are experiencing pain and then we can help them,” said Dr. Hutchinson.

This amazing new blood test could be a revolution in the treatment and diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and other related chronic pain conditions. For many that have not been taken seriously, this could be a lifeline to the right treatment and medication for their pain. Thank you very much Professor Mark Hutchinson is all I can say.


  1. This is really interesting Barbara and look forward to where it might lead us…of course it could open a can of worms too re how we all feel and grade pain, but for those who can’t say when they are in pain and for those who just aren’t/don’t feel believed it could be a turning point. Sharing this! C x


  2. Your welcome. I think the most important thing is it could help others who are not believed or even diagnosed. I was lucky in my diagnosis but I know many who it’s taken years before they got sorted. Thanks for you comment.


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