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Back Pain Help kindly sent me some Spine Aligners insoles for lower back pain to see what I thought of them. Due to my previous spinal surgeries I now have a slight limp with my left foot so I felt the best person to try these out was my twin who has a massive problem with over pronation of the foot.

Spine Aligners have been developed with Harley Street based London Spine Clinic to help relieve back pain. It is estimated that half the population suffer from over pronation of the foot. Over pronation is when the foot rolls over too much. These aches and pains may be worse after prolonged standing especially on hard surfaces or by having poor foot posture, especially high or flat arch.

The Spine Aligners have been specially designed to relieve postural aches and pains in the lower back caused by over pronation. This is done by stabilising and realigning the heel at a 2° angle and by controlling and supporting the arch back to a natural ‘neutral’ position.

The heel cushion in the insole is for extra spring and cushioning with a semi ridged arch support to prevent over pronation and excessive rolling of the foot. It also has Ortholite foam cushioning which provides high-level breathability, lightweight and anti-microbial properties for odour control. They come in sizes 3.5 to size 11 for women and 3-12.5 for men.



My sister has bought many different types of regular insoles but they are too soft and gave me no extra support. She said that these felt quite different than any other foot orthotics that she had tried before. She went on to say that they felt extremely comfortable and she could honestly say that she was aware that they were making her walk differently. In fact she was so pleased with the Spine Aligners that she went out to buy a couple of pairs of flat pumps for the summer which is something she has not bought for many years as they are just too uncomfortable for her.

After wearing them for just over a week, they have made a big difference to my sister and she has recommended them to a friend with a hip problem in the hope they will help her lower back and hip pain.


  1. Thank you for reviewing these! I have been trying to find inserts that would help with my over pronation, lower back pain, and foot pain. It looks like you found something perfect for me! Definitely going on my wish list!


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