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You will meet many adversities in your life but coping with adversity when you are trying to manage chronic pain can be quite a challenge for anyone. I’ve suffered from chronic pain for many years now and advocate how pacing yourself and being in control of your pain is how I manage my pain but sometimes circumstances can change that no matter what plans you make.

Over the bank holiday weekend, we popped over to stay with my 93-year-old Dad who is an insulin dependent diabetic and has numerous other health problems one of which is postural hypotension. This condition means he does have numerous falls which over the last few weeks had become more frequent.  On the bank holiday Monday he had one of these falls even though we were in the same room as him as it all happened so quickly. My Dad is quite a large gentleman and is not able to get himself up from the floor without help. My husband felt he was sure if he put his arms under my Dads arms he could lift him up without a problem.

I can hear you all shouting now NO! NEVER ATTEMPT TO DO THAT ON YOUR OWN. How right you are as it caused my husband to pull something in his back and resulted in us needing the paramedics and then Dad was taken to the hospital to be reviewed.

I felt the best place for my husband was back home to rest in his own bed and said I would stay with my Dad and go home on the train when he was all sorted. In hindsight when I saw the paramedics bring up an inflatable cushion to get Dad up I realised that we should never have even attempted to have lifted him up.

A few days on from the fall my Dad is now what they call medically fit to come out but my husband is still in a lot of pain and discomfort from the incident. Due to how the whole event panned out meant that although I know the best thing was to send my husband home I did not think about the consequences of my actions on coping with this by myself. It was eight hours later before I was back in my Dads flat and able to get my hands on some of my strong medication for my back which by this stage was absolutely dreadful.

The following day I went to see Dad fully prepared with enough medication in case I was going to stay for a while.

Once I knew he was all settled in I booked a train home later that afternoon. Again, had I thought and planned like I usually do I would have realised that getting a train late afternoon from anywhere would mean that they would be extremely busy and you would need to book a seat. I was lucky enough to be given a seat after standing for a while from a kind young gentleman who could see I was in pain.

The lessons I learnt from this type of emergency is to always take your time in dealing with a situation like this if you are not a fit person. I also now know that you should never try to lift someone up from a fall but to leave it to the medical teams to deal with the matter.

2 thoughts on “COPING WITH ADVERSITY…”

  1. The lift aid the paramedics use is very similar to the Mangar Bath Cushion. Of course I use mine mostly for bathing but it has come in handy a couple of times when I’ve hit the floor!


    1. Thanks for that info Beth – I will look into that as something to have around as his bath is a walk in with chair so I’ve never thought of the cushion.


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