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Important exercises whilst flying. It is essential to increase the blood circulation in your legs when you’re sitting for a few hours or more while travelling.

The ‘Airogym Exerciser‘ is a simple, small, pocket-sized gadget which has been endorsed by consultant vascular surgeon John Scurr.

It inflates to an oblong cushion which you pump up and down.

It can also help the elderly and/or immobile and also for diabetics who tend to have poor leg circulation. It’s also useful for pregnant mums that suffer from swollen ankles and for people with muscle and joint pains.

It’s available from Victoria Health for £11.99 or from Amazon for £9.99

Everyday Health has the following exercises you can do while in your seat travelling.

When you can’t walk, here are movements you can do while seated. Robertson recommends doing a set of five repetitions of each about every half hour, 10 if you’re in a high-risk group.

Foot pumps. Place your feet flat on the floor, and then raise your toes toward you and hold for a few seconds. Lower your toes and balls of your feet to the floor, then raise your heels and hold for another few seconds.

Ankle circles. Raise both feet off the floor and trace a circle with your toes. You could also trace each letter of the alphabet to keep yourself occupied, Robertson said.

Leg raises. If you have room in front of you, raise your left foot off the floor. Straighten the leg slowly, then return your foot back on the floor. Repeat with your right leg. Alternatively, slowly lift your left knee up to your chest, then bring your foot back to the floor; repeat with your right leg.

Shoulder rolls. Although you’re less likely to form a clot in your upper body, it doesn’t hurt to keep your blood flowing there. Simply raise your shoulders and circle them back and down five times. Then reverse direction for five more repetitions.

You can also buy tablets like Bional -V Nal Xtra (Butchers Broom) (40 Capsules) for poor circulation in the lower body and legs can result in tired or heavy legs, puffy ankles or unsightly swollen and twisted varicose veins. V-nal® Xtra is a new and upgraded version of Original V-nal® with added Red Vine leaf extract.

After extensive research, scientists working in Holland have found that a combination of plants such as Butchers Broom, Horse Chestnut and antioxidant Red Vine leaves may help to reduce, repair, and tone the veins, therefore soothing the legs and improving their comfort and appearance. £10.47 from 123 Health Shop.


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