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The recently much talked about fibromyalgia blood test is back in the news again. Pro Health say that The FM/a® Test is making a huge impact on the way fibromyalgia is diagnosed, and now it is being used for very important research.  In April of 2017, “Breaking News” included information relative to this announcement.

Under contract with researchers from both UCLA and the University of Illinois College of Medicine Chicago, Campaign 250 will conduct Whole-Exome genetic testing on up to 250,000 patients who have received a positive FM/a® fibromyalgia diagnosis…

Based upon the findings of this testing and once treatment protocols have received regulatory and institutional approvals, FM/a® Test positive patients will be invited to participate in a fibromyalgia-specific vaccine clinical trial to reverse the biology of fibromyalgia…

Professor Denise Faustman, specialist in immunology who is affiliated with Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, was a lead researcher in the vaccine study for diabetes and she will lead the vaccine study for fibromyalgia. The only qualification to participate in this exciting research is to have tested positive with the FM/a Test.

“FM/a® is a multi-biomarker-based test which concerns immune system white blood chemokine and cytokine patterns. Patients with fibromyalgia have a significantly dysregulated pattern regarding these proteins.”

She will be a participant in the genome study and will be enrolled in the vaccine trial. If you would like to join the study then check out this video link for more details.

The test collects plasma and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) in a small sample of your blood. It tests the concentration of cytokines within your blood sample. … Abnormal levels of cytokines have been linked to being a trait in people with fibromyalgia.

Significantly lower levels of cytokines may be an indicator of fibromyalgia. Abnormal levels of cytokines have been linked to being a trait in people with fibromyalgia. Because of this link, researchers are hoping that the FM/a test may prove to be a way to more definitively diagnosis fibromyalgia.



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